6 Tips To Take Food That Enliven Your Body.

The truth is the healthier you eat, the better are the chances that you’ll spend a beautiful and an active life. This is no hidden secret and by now, all of us are well aware of this fact. But even after knowing, there is something that keeps us away from incorporating the best food ingredients in our daily diet. The busy schedule of work, the daunting deadlines to submit the tasks and the exhausting daily work life makes us forget about the necessity of food. Some of us might skip the meals while others might delay the time of having food just in order to complete our tasks first. The change in the daily cycle, stress and challenging routine tasks drain all the energy in the body and there we are feeling tired and sleepy all the time.

Who doesn’t want to live a healthy life, free of disease and stress? But if we keep on following the same routine and keep ignoring our food necessities, our body will surely be weak and immune-compromised.

To help you sort out this situation, we have managed to bring 6 healthy tips to take food that will enliven your body. They are as follows:


  1. Prepare yourself to eat food

The number one tip is to take your meal on time. This, without a doubt, enlivens the body as it receives the required nutrients from the meals that are taken on time. The energy we spend doing the work is continuously replaced by the food we take. Thus, make sure you take your food on time and prepare yourself as well. The preparation requires taking out time for having your meals, sitting in a peaceful environment with your loved ones and having a light chat while eating food. All of this alleviates the mood and helps in relieving the daily routine stress.


  1. Take real food items rather than canned/ artificial products



Have you heard about the best falafel in Dubai? It is made from the real products. From the chickpeas to the hummus sauce and all the other things used to cook it, everything is fresh and real.

The real food items include the fresh farm products and organic products.  The nutrition value of this product is high and they are safe from all kinds of preservatives and artificial food colors. You should incorporate fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products in your life. Try to get the most from the seasonal variety!


  1. Cook the dish of the day yourself

When you cook the food yourself, you prefer to use fresh and real ingredients rather than the processed ones. The process of selecting the ingredients, picking the best ones and mixing them up to cook a delicious dish stimulates your brain and keeps it active. Moreover, cooking yourself will help you to focus on how long you are going to cook and avoid the process of over or under cooking. 


  1. Keep the body hydrated



Water is an essential part of the food diet. Keeping the body hydrated ensures the healthy working of all the vital organs of the body. Make sure you drink sufficient amount of water in one day. In fact, you should replace one sugary drink with water every day. 


  1. Avoid eating meat at least one day a week

Another food tip to enliven your body includes going meatless one day a week. The JAMA internal medicine journal published an article in 2016 suggesting that replacing animal protein with the equivalent amount of plant protein reduces the mortality rate especially the ones caused by heart diseases. It means it’s time you add an extra serving of salad in your falafel food and add a veggie meal in your diet plan.


  1. Be happy and grateful while eating the food



The research says that a human being is more inclined towards unhealthy food when he is in a bad mood. Have you ever experienced junk food cravings when you are in a bad mood? This is exactly what we are referring to here. Thus, whenever you are about to eat, be grateful for the blessing you have at hand in the form of food and finish your meal happily.

Incorporating these having-the-food tips in your life vastly changes the effect of food on the body’s metabolism. Food is the sole source to keep your body healthy and active. Take your meals on time and eat proportions of healthy vegetables and fruits to enliven your body.



Guest Author, Rachel Stinson www.digitworldhub.com


Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates and restaurants with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner.