3 Herbs That Keep You Feeling Better


3 Herbs That Build Your Immune System

Protective activity against toxins or disorders of certain specific organs, anticancer, invigorating and reintegrating the immune system or the organism as a whole: these are the properties of health-friendly herbs, some also considered anti-stress. Because, you know, stress decreases the efficiency of the immune system.

Ayurvedic herbs are plants considered beneficial and medicated by traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. This ancient medicine is based on a profound knowledge of the body and its relationship with mind and spirit. Health is therefore considered as a state of equilibrium, in which the psychic and environmental factors have the same importance as the physical ones.

In the cold months or during the season changes it is very common that our immune system goes haywire, breaking the balance in our body. Let’s see how to intervene, using three herbs from the Ayurvedic tradition.

All three of the following herbs have the ability to strengthen the immune system, helping to equip the body with the strength needed to fight bacteria and viral diseases. Let's get to know them better together.


Mulethi (licorice root)

The root of licorice has been appreciated for centuries in many ancient cultures, not only for its particular taste but also for the richness of its properties. It contains a powerful active ingredient, called glycyrrhizin, that can help the body protect itself from a diseases. Glycyrrhizin is a triterpenoid saponin glycoside that effectively inhibits the growth of harmful microbes, protecting us from infection. The unique strength of Mulethi lies in its ability to treat problems related to the digestive and respiratory systems.


Ginger root


Ginger, according to the Ayurveda tradition, has very powerful therapeutic virtues. We have seen, for example, as taken regularly in the morning with a little warm water to facilitate the expulsion of toxins from the intestine.

Ginger is also an excellent ally of the immune system and prepares the body for any viral diseases and infections. Not only: it has known anti-inflammatory properties, so it is excellent for calming the stomach and relieving joint pain caused by arthritis and gout and for calming all respiratory symptoms.
Making ginger tea with bits of fresh root is a good way to start consuming this precious spice. Ginger can be taken in advance of a cold: 1 cup a day to prevent the cold It is very versatile to use.


Amla (Indian gooseberry)

Amla is one of the most popular folk remedies. Rich in vitamin C, it is considered an excellent antioxidant, also useful in cases of anemia and exhaustion.

If taken, it can cure various disorders: from problems related to the gastric apparatus, such as diarrhea, to urinary tract infections, up to the diseases of the oral cavity.

Strengthens every kind of tissue and stimulates the immune system.

It can also strengthen and support liver function; in this sense, Amla can be added to enrich your detox diet even more.

These herbs is used as a prevention strategy, without waiting for the first symptoms of a reddened throat or flu syndrome. Eating herbs or taking them as herbal teas helps strengthen the immune system and keep seasonal illnesses away.