Eating Style Tweaks


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Some clever tweaks to your diet may make a huge difference in healthy living and weight control. Sometimes little changes means a lot, it may take a little time to acquire a taste for the changes, but the effort pays off. Of course there many other things involved in living healthy, but with these little substitutes that you can do quickly and easily will go a long way to get you closer to your health goals.


  Check out the list below for ideas to consider:


    Greek yogurt vs. Sour cream

    Mustard vs. Mayo

    Lettuce leaf vs. Bread

    Mashed root veggies vs. Mashed potatoes

    Nut butters vs. Cream cheese

    Pureed fruit vs. Maple syrup

    Whole orange vs. Orange juice

    Frozen banana vs. Ice cream

    Coconut oil vs. Butter

    Chia seeds vs. Eggs (1tbsp chia with 1 cup of water = 1 egg)

    White meat chicken vs. Dark meat chicken

    Bison vs. Beef

    Ground turkey vs. ground beef

    Soda water vs. Tonic water

    Steamed broccoli vs. Pan-fried broccoli

    Wheat wrap vs. Bread

    Cocao Nibs vs. Chocolate chips

    Almond flour vs. White, or wheat flour

    Strawberries vs. Cake

    Nutritional yeast vs. Cheese

    70%+ Dark chocolate vs. Milk chocolate

    Cauliflower rice vs. White rice

    Veggie sushi vs. Fried Fish

    Iced green tea vs. Fruit juice

    Apple sauce vs. Butter in baking recipes


You can create eating habits that can improve your health now and in the future by making small changes over time. You may want to make changes that reflect what you like, culturally and traditionally. Think of each change as a “win” as you build positive habits and find solutions that reflect your healthy eating style.

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